Meta | Morphic

They started by creating their own canvases out of their signature, and quite temperamental, fiber resin material. They have then spent countless hours adding layers of various textures to each piece to make every one as unique as the collector who is fortunate enough to take it home. But as much as this collection is true to the Collazo’s signature style, there is something special peeking out from below the surface.

There is both a depth and an unadulterated, blatant pursuit of aestheticism in the Collazo’s newest series. Interpreting the layers of texture as metaphors of the earth’s elements: the textures are the growth of the earth overtime, the distressed rips representing the erosion caused by the elements. Thus, when synthesizing the pieces on the studio floor around them, Angela hears the word ‘metamorphic’, and she couldn’t be more in tune with the deeper heart of this collection.

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