Collazo Collection

If you’re taking the time to read this, then the connection with the spirit of the artwork has already been made. You have felt the power and the passion that inhabits the artists. Gabriel and Angela Collazo have been partners in love and in life for eighteen years.

Angela is an interior designer with a keen eye for elegant yet simple refinement. Hers, is an innate talent, a natural sophistication manifested in each work with a fine sense of style, scale and color.

Gabriel, an artist in every sense of the word, creates with purpose using paint, texture, layers, music, and drums, all of which are imbued with light and love. If you watched their videos, you felt their combined creative souls. Their fire ritual is a rebirth that represents the purifying effect that the Spirit of God—who is described as fire—desires to have upon this plane. Its presence is manifested in every piece they create.

In Gabriel’s words: “People are going to pass by our artwork. Some will keep walking but some will stop and seek a relationship with us. They will want to own that connection; that love; a blessed work of art full of positive energy. They will crave to display it in their home so that they can bathe in that loving energy every single day.”

— Gabriel and Angela Collazo —